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Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Conventional medicine giving you no answers? Then Inter Wellness can help. Let’s Test, not guess!

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Functional lab testing is a vital tool in modern healthcare that goes beyond traditional diagnostic methods. It involves a range of specialised tests designed to access the body’s intricate systems and uncover underlying imbalances. Unlike conventional tests that often focus solely on diagnosing diseases, functional lab testing examines the body’s functional patterns, aiming to identify root causes of health issues.

What does it look at?

Inter Wellness can test and analyse factors such as:
How I can help you?​
The results provide valuable insights that guide personalised protocols, helping to address health challenges at their source and provide proactive, holistic approaches to optimal health. Inter Wellness will advise on functional lab(s) depending on your individual needs. The lab tests will then get delivered directly to your front door and you send them back. We will then read your lab results and provide recommendations to fine tune your health with well-designed protocols that have helped hundreds of people regain wellness.
Susannah advises on booking in for the full health overview. Either by choosing the 1-hour Integrative health coaching or the bronze, silver or gold programmes (programmes are always advised for best results and value).

Until we have a full health overview, with current concerns and in-depth health history we cannot advise on which labs are best suited to the client.

The tests vary in price. Susannah can advise further on your FREE 15-minute consultation today. Lab tests are usually only recommended after a full health consultation (part of the bronze, silver and gold programmes) as a full case history and health screen needs to take place first.

We offer limited in person appointments for the integrative health programmes and clinical hypnotherapy.

Lab testing results and feedback on its own is carried out online only.
Not all functional medicine tests are created equally, and this is why it is important that Inter Wellness advises on the tests and orders them for the client. We will only advise on labs that have been ordered via Inter Wellness to ensure quality control.

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