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Gut and Digestive Health

Digestive health is important for overall well-being. When your digestive system is healthy, you are able to absorb nutrients from food and eliminate waste products effectively. Find out more how I can help you to improve your overall health and well-being by addressing digestive problems and supporting gut health.

Rebalance the body

A recent study from Holland and Barrett has unveiled that 58% of people in the UK have experienced gut health problems, and nearly half of them endure chronic issues. Gut and digestive health issues are on the rise, and we are now fed an overabundance of information on social media and mainstream news. But the truth is, gut health is bio individual and there isn’t one size that fits all.

This is where Inter Wellness can help. Not only do we look at gut health, but we also acknowledge the Gut-Brain axis, using a systemic approach to rebalance the body.

How can Inter Wellness help?

Functional medicine, integrative health coaching and clinical hypnotherapy synergistically contribute to holistic hormonal health solutions.


Functional medicine employs advanced diagnostic tests to delve into the root causes of gut imbalances, addressing factors such as microbiome composition, bacterial overgrowth and food sensitivities.

Integrative health coaching

Integrative medicine guides clients towards food choices that can help rebalance the gut and reduce inflammation. It also uses holistic and herbal supplements to remove toxicities and bacterial overgrowth to rebalance the gut.


Clinical hypnotherapy contributes by reducing stress and anxiety, which can significantly impact gut health. Through deep relaxation and subconscious reprogramming, hypnotherapy can alleviate gut-related discomfort rooted in psychological factors.
How I can help you?​
This holistic combination not only targets the physical aspects of gut and digestive health but also acknowledges the mind-gut connection, providing clients with a well-rounded approach to restoring and maintaining optimal gut well-being.

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