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Hormonal Health

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Restore balance

Hormones play a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions and can significantly impact overall health and well-being. Hormonal balance is a delicate equilibrium within in the body where various hormones are produced and regulated at optimal levels. This hormonal balance is essential for overall health, as hormones influence numerous bodily functions, including metabolism, mood, immune response and reproductive processes.

In our modern lifestyles it is easy for our hormones to become imbalanced, stress, nutrition, sleep, movement can all just tip our finely tuned bodies out of sync.

How can Inter Wellness help?

Functional medicine, integrative health coaching and clinical hypnotherapy synergistically contribute to holistic hormonal health solutions.


Functional medicine analyses the intricate interplay of hormones within the body, using comprehensive lab testing to uncover imbalances and develop personalised treatment plans

Integrative health coaching

Integrative health coaching further enhances these approaches by guiding clients to adopt nourishing dietary choices, healthy sleep routines and movement in sync with our individual hormones and mindset.


Clinical Hypnotherapy complements this by reducing stress, which can have a profound impact on hormonal equilibrium.
How I can help you?‚Äč
Together these modalities create a comprehensive strategy, addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of hormonal health, and empowering clients to regain equilibrium and vitality. The specialist hormonal plan is a 4-month programme to enable long lasting hormonal balance.

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