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Lifestyle medicine, Biohacking, Medicine 3.0 and Functional Medicine are all making huge waves on the internet. But what are they and what do they mean? They all point to one thing, up to 80% of chronic diseases are directly linked to our lifestyle habits.

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Integrative health coaching is a collaborative and client-centred approach that empowers individuals to make lasting positive changes in their health and well-being. Health is multi-faceted and integrative medicine understands that our bodies our systemic and focuses on the whole person and root cause.

By combing elements of various health and wellness pillars, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and relationships, integrative health coaching addresses the interconnected nature of physical, mental and emotional health.
Susannah has studied a combination of ancient rituals and modern cutting-edge practices including (and not limited to):
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Using the best techniques from of all the above methods enables a comprehensive and well-rounded approach. Most importantly, each client is an individual and needs a therefore personalised protocol. Inter Wellness Integrative health coaching includes a full health history deep dive, personalised advice for specific health issues, functional lab recommendations and a full wellness plan based on bio-individuality. Susannah also combines clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching (where relevant) to ensure long term success.

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Yes, we do offer limited in person appointments for integrative health, especially when clinical hypnotherapy is included. However, we can see clients online and still get amazing results. Life coaching, integrative health coaching and functional medicine lab testing can all be online only.
Susannah advises on the Inter Wellness programmes for optimum results. Positive changes can be felt straight away with quick lifestyle changes, some take a little longer. It depends on the individual, their health concerns and their case history. There isn’t a magic pill and most clients come to Inter Wellness as they have not had results from other avenues. Holistic and lifestyle medicine take time and needs commitment from the client and the practitioner.
Functional lab tests are not included in the hourly integrative health coaching, functional medicine lab test review or the bronze programme. They are however included in the silver and gold programmes, which are recommended to get a comprehensive overview of health and therefore an in-depth and personalised wellness plan.
This depends on what the client’s health issues are as everything is personalised. The plan will always focus on key areas such as nutrition, supplementation, sleep, movement, stress and toxins.
Susannah does advise on the programmes as these have been designed to offer the most value but most importantly get the best results. However, bespoke programmes can be designed to suit a client’s needs and budget.

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